Friday, March 4, 2011

Huffington Post supports the working man...

...unless said working man is working for the Arianna Huffington, apparently.

I seldom read the Huffington Post, although last I checked my user ID for comments and the like was still around and working. Most of the content was the same paint-by-numbers "everything is George Bush's fault" ranting that you can find in a hundred other places, with the extra fillip that most of it had already been posted somewhere else.

But it looks like some of the folks supplying H.P.'s content (for free) are starting to get a little restless since AOL made Arianna even richer than she already was. Bill Lasarow, Publisher and Co-Editor of an operation called Visual Art Source went to the length of going on strike against H.P., and posted a blog post titled On Strike from the Huffington Post.

PS: Don't look for this on the HufnPost site. It has been deleted.